Whether you are a Creditor, Vendor or Investor we believe our interests are aligned.

As a Creditor – PGI has over 15 years of industry experience and we understand the importance of carefully managing
information. We welcome opportunities to acquire portfolios where there is upside for both PGI and the seller. We have
an excellent reputation, are well capitalized, and committed to building relationships.

As a Vendor – We are interested in building relationship with seasoned operators that are positioned well in focused
market segments. Since we are not a collection operation you will see we are working with you not competing with you. We
are interested in building relationship with strong operators that have an established platform and track record interested in
co-investing to build a financial business together. We believe the combination of skilled investment and efficient operations
through our “IPA Partner Model” creates opportunity for both us and our vendor-partners.

As an Investor – we have personal capital at risk. We focus on
delivering the highest returns versus simply investing third party
capital. We are invested in all portfolios under management
therefore you can rest assured that we will remain focused on
delivering exceptional results.